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~GISH 2~
Great Illinois Squirrel Hunt
September 28th, 29th, $ 30th, 2001
Somewhere in the hills of southern Illinois

Even using a beautifully made award winning self bow Spudley didn't get any more squirrels than anyone else

Serious strategy session on best way to harvest squirrels

Looks like we lost Tuck to dream land

Check out the size of those feet! Irrefutable proof that that old wives tale is false. :-)

What the heck was I thinking when I invited these nuts down here?

I can't believe I went back for seconds 8 times

Video 8.3 MB

Let's see, ya cut off the feet, ya cut off the tail, ya take out the guts first. Hey Jeannie, come here a minute

6 arrows in the air and one hit. No wonder the squirrels were laughing all weekend

Next year I ain't putting out no sign. Maybe no one will be able to find the place

Can you believe that not one of these guys is from Arkansas?

These bums dirty more pots and pans than a division of infantrymen

The ladies enjoy these hunts as much as the guys. Gives them a chance to sit around and laugh at us

This is as close to making meat as Spudley got all weekend

Master chef at work

Check out the size of Spud's squirrel basket. A case of overconfidence for sure

This is what a squirrel looks like Tuck