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Sign up sheet for GORH-2003

1) Dean Torges, OH, maybe one warm weather squirrel dog

2) Bud (Spudley) Hall, IN, bringing no dog but will be babysitting Bruiser

3) Chuck (Moosemeat) Dunning, WA, "will attend if airport security allows him through" (knowing Chuck, this will be a close call)

4) Bill (Dances with Squirrels) Rickvalsky, NJ, not bringing a hound but looking to take one home

5) Kent (Longbeard) Garvin, WV, bringing after dinner "beverages", warm, dry shelter, and good sense of direction instead of hound

6) John (hntnfsh) Gesner, OH, no dogs, but will bring Lillehammer and some fine cigars

7) Brian Patterson, OH, bringing extra arrows for everybody instead of dog

8) Tony Phillips, OH, + or - Matt and Eric

9) Ted (COB) Young, OH, no dog but lots of arrow and if I runs out I'll just whip doughboy (B. Patterson) and take some of his!

10) Jim (heydeerman) Suttinger, OH, will be there unless I'm dead. In that case I wont be there but I would still like a hat.

11) Jamie Miller, OH, no dog but will provide shock collar for COB.

12) Bill (Wakingstick) McCawley , PA, Just call me Mac.

13) George (toxalot) Stout , PA, Ain't got no dog. Don't need no dog.

14) Mark (wiley) Clevidence, OH, one young inexperi.. enixperiance..enexperiencd...not so smart Beagle.

15) Gary (Zbone) Czatt, OH, mystery man. Does he have beagles? Don't know.

16) Francis (Nanook) DeClerck, NY, had hoped to make it last time but a few broken ribs got in the way. From the sounds of things I don't think they could of taken the abuse. Laughter maybe the best medicine, but splitting my sides might have been the death of me.

17) Norman Ernst, OH(?), coming along to tote Gary Czatt's rabbits for him

18) Remont Scantlen, OH(?), No dogs but bringing kids instead. Smart man :-)

19) Pete Darby, VA, No dogs but the Taj Mahal will be there complete with indoor plumbing, heat and Persian carpets and space for a couple of people who don't mind roughing it.

20) Will (Will-MO) Steffen, MO, I ain't got a dog but, I'll be more than happy to jump on a few brush piles for everyone.

21) Jeff (Fletch) Fletcher, OH, I figure somebody has to pull people out of the fire! I'm needed.

22) Paul (brandx) Knisley, OH, and another veteran returns for another go-around

23) Darren (Hackbow) Shue , IN, no dog, but a sincere willingness to mooch both dog services AND food.

24) Jace Davenport (doesn't know this is being typed---Hackbow's friend), IN, no dog and first time at any type of trad event.......I say we break him in right.