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It is the dream of every outdoorsman to one day experience the hunting and fishing in the Alaskan wilderness. I have been fortunate to have hiked the hills and float the rivers of Alaska. Join some friends and I as we bowhunt the Alaskan Pennisula. If (when!) you go, plan your trip well and be in good shape, for in this country you will hit "your wall".

Ron Angel
Floating an Alaskan river

Tom, Dave, & Ron C.
Packing to the top for caribou and...

Ron, Tom, Dave, & Richard
...after several days and many miles, heading back down.

Richard Thomas setting up spike camp

Trying to stay dry. Hard to do in this country.

High Camp
Spike camp. Tried to set up out of the wind. Didnít work!

Ron Clifford
Ron Clifford takes a break

Ugashik Lake
Lower Ugashik Lake from the top

Ron Angel
Glassing for moose

Tom & Ron C.
Big hungry country.

Tom & Richard
Caping out P&Y caribou

Ron Angel
Ron Angel gets his moose

Ron Clifford
Taking off for a few days on the Dog Salmon River

Ron A. & Richard
Richard Thomas gets a nice bull late in hunt

Tom, Ron A., & Ron C.
Getting ready to return to civilization

Alaska Fish & Game Department

Alaska Archery Regulations

Alaskan Bowhunters Association