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I have hunted Idaho twice and both times during January. We were running cats, both lion and bobcats. This state has everything for the hunting archer, from the high dwelling sheep and goat to the antelope of the sage brush flats. It also has some of the most "up and down" country I've been in. I will return.

An hour ride in a Cessna 206 got us into the heart of the Selway-Bitterroots along the North Fork of the Salmon River

Gary Madsen has been doing this for 30 years and knows the country and the animals that live here as well as anyone

Sue giving her posterior a much needed rest. We were in the saddle from before daybreak 'til after sunset

Sue enjoying ride up one of many drainages we looked over. Obviously that smile indicates this was our first day out

Two things that are necessary for chasing cats in this country. Good horse and a good hound

Gary and myself ready to make 1500 foot climb to the top

I'm heading into a heavy snowstorm. Have to take the days as you get them

Beautiful yet rugged country

I swear Gary's horse's all have 2 legs shorter on one side than the other. Never found any ground flat enough to prove it

Unwinding in hot sulfur spring. After spending all day in the saddle in sub-zero weather this took the kinks out

This country is full of a variety of game that we saw daily. Here is a group of elk caught in the open

Sue packing her always present camera gear and, of course, my lunch

Even Gary needs a rest after 3 hour hike to the top in bobcat chase

Idaho Fish & Game Department

Idaho State Bowhunters

Idaho Archery