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Clout Shoot

ĽArchery Competition. We will set up a clout mark on an excelsior bale Friday and Saturday and place a deposit box at the launching pad for entry money. You pay, you shoot, at your convenience, all day both days. Shots will be purchased at $2 a chance, 20 dollars a doz, honor payment system. No sights, no stringwalking. Hopelessly errant arrows can be gathered up, but all reasonably competitive arrows close to mark to be left in place. We will have 7 donated prizes, including wool clothing, arrows, barred fletching, broadheads and small game points that will be awarded this way:

The 6 closest shots by six different people and one wild card selection will have a one arrow shoot-off over the same course before or after evening meal Saturday night. The wild card selection will be determined by whomever purchases the most chances (according to clip board tally sheet provided near deposit box to track that purpose and entry payments). Closest single arrow in shoot off chooses his prize from booty, next his, etc. All proceeds from the competition, minus the actual cost of the pigmeat alone, will be donated to the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Clout shoot prizes

1. 2 dozen Magnus small game blunts

2. A two-year subscription to Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

3. A wool jacket from Hidden Wolf Woolens

4. A pair of wool pants from HWW

5. 1 Doz. finished arrows from Ron Thompson. Cut 29 1/2 knock to back of point. 6 have Judos, 6 have commercial blunts, are 3 fletched orange, cock feather fake barred, hens plain, 5 1/4" x 5/8". leading ends are whip finished (like fly rod guide). crown dipped Bhoning orange. Spined 55-60#.

6. 108 barred left wing fletching, ground, from Cliff Huntington

7. New 1994 Howatt Super Diablo Bow. 60", 60# @ 28", RH, from Tom Mussatto