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Howard Hill:

Art Young:

Dr. Pope by Cassius H. Styles:

Use Heavy Bows by Tom Imler, Jr.:

Hunting Arrows by Fred Bear:

Interviewing the Tiger-Man by George Brommers:

Nevada Deer Hunt by Paul "Skeet" Moore:

After Big Cats with Bow and Arrow:

The Story of Ishi by W.J. "Chief" Compton:

Wild Boars and Bows by Waly Wilhelm:

Shots From the Past

This is my personal favorite section. I have a great fascination with the early hunting archers who not only paved the way to ensure we have bow and arrow hunting today, but also had a great time doing it. I am convinced that were we forced to endure the problems faced by these early archers in aquiring and/or making equipment, not having access to information as we do today, having to most times hunt during firearms seasons, etc., many today would not pursue this sport. Just the logistics alone of getting to their hunting grounds was many times an adventure in itself. Yes, bowhunting is great today, but I truly envy those hunting archers of the 20's, 30's, and 40's.