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Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Dean Date: 27-Jan-98

Et "two," Spotted Owl?

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Taleswapper Date: 28-Jan-98

Nah, Gunny; that wuz Snyder ya heard blowin' wind in the recovery room after he had one of them colonoscopy exams, ya know? Fact is, I hear tell them nurses give him a standing ovation.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: ? Date: 28-Jan-98

Fiddle faddle fashion saddle is that the best you boys can do? SpamIam and Hawkeye, man...Alan Ransom?...get a clue. "Out west" is such a nebulous term but there are some golden rules, when hunting west please do your best to avoid them southern mules.

Dr. Dean, I salute you.


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Rob Flinn Date: 28-Jan-98

Forgot to put down my guess earlier. I'm shooting in the dark here ... whoa! Sorry Opposum. You'd better get some ice on that. OK, my guess is the Weasel himself.

At ease folks; I'm unstringing the bow.


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: RS Date: 28-Jan-98

It's the White Bison guy, Steve H. What did I win?

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Dean Date: 28-Jan-98

Time for a little ratiocination. Sleuthing. Sifting. Wandering. Like the fox, more tracks than I need, some in the wrong direction.

Lessee, Buz. Dang good guess. You made Don Superceder proud. He's up to it, no doubt, but I think this is the first time, at least in public view, that Superceder missed the mark.

And Bruce. Have you no shame? No remorse? Were you not simply content to gun down poor harmless Doughboy? You gotta go after the deus ex machina HISOWNSELF?

Guano, them's fox tracks you's supposed to be laying down, not splayed-out barnyard bovine facsimiles.

Keith Deters. I'm impressed. Meets several of the criteria. However, you fail to factor that this guileless Sunday school teacher is totally incapable of subterfuge and deceit, the qualities of character that add richness and spice to life, even though you lead him to it and point the way, in both directions.

Opossum, we like bribes, slush funds, hush money and stool pigeon money, but only from the receiving end.

SpamIAm, whatever that be, you may be on to someone. Maybe 2/3rds of the way home. Maybe we have not A.R. but A.R.A.--a mole burrowing through our threads, looking for our soft underbelly.

And Weasel. Little rodent. Them beadies got severe limitations, don't they? Ain't much better in the daylight than in the smoke. But I'm even more disappointed than that. Couldn't you at least through olfactory ports distinguish the difference between smoke and gas? Poor rodent.

HBS, between, around and through the lines, I understand what you say. My best wishes to you, young fellow. I'm comforted knowing that you will do your daddy proud at GSSC II. Even if know one admits it.


Rego, you shoulda been here. Two weeks of them tapes is mysteriously missing. Don't miss the next migration. GSSC II will need you as an emissary of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Hawk, from your vantage, and mine, that makes two for A.R. Would my vote make it a trifecta for the mole?

Dear Irishman, it does not altogether suggest a defect of character to be confused in these matters, or to miss the mark by such a wide margin. Suggest you get Hawkeye's e-mail and stay in correspondence with him.

Yes, Spottted Owl, you are the Original. I say so.

Dean Torges. Nearing the fence.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: TheHermit Date: 28-Jan-98

Welllll, looks like Deans' getting close,

or believes he is anyway.

But foxes are slippery,

at least what some say.

Does he really know, or using this ploy,

to get one to slip and give answer away?

We should all hold fast and make him commit,

Keep posting your guesses and lead him astray.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: I who am, be Spam Date: 28-Jan-98


ratiocinate (rŕsh´ę-ňs´e-nât´) verb, intransitive ratiocinated, ratiocinating, ratiocinates To reason methodically and logically. [Latin ratiocinârě, ratiocinât-, from ratio, calculation. See RATIO.] - ra´tioc´ina´tion noun - ra´tioc´ina´tor noun vocabulary shall suffer from the closing of this curtain :) Look before you leap.


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Tom(Longbo) Date: 28-Jan-98

Dean lives in Ohio. Everybody's west of him. Shitty clue.

Brian Cole?????

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Tom (BR) Date: 28-Jan-98

No confirming or denying that Dean & Spamorama are one and the same. Hmmm... maybe he/they isn't/aren't certain himself/themselves.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: SpamIAm Date: 28-Jan-98

This wascally wabbit "out west",

is a champ at what wabbits do best.

Oh, will he prevail,

with that fox on his trail,

or will he fall prey like the rest?


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Tom Date: 28-Jan-98

Does not the old smart fox smell his own tracks first.ROFLOL

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Hawkeye Date: 28-Jan-98


Well, add 175# to my frame and call me Richard Jewell!!! My mom would not approve of your accusation, K.D. No stave for you from THIS farmer's hedge-row!

SpamIAm! Shame on you after all the times I've come to your defense during tough times before the Great Spam Wars and the Awakening. Is there no one left with honor?

And, Spamo, ol'chum..... I cry "FOUL" upon you, as well, for your little "mistake" of "accidently" typing 6/7ths of my handle as a signature on the "Moisture Meter" thread, thus attempting pull the old Cyber-fox off your trail. Won't work. I'm sure it won't. You've been crafty for the past six months, but you've left a couple of gaps in your disguise big enough for Biggie to walk through... I'm VERY tempted to call Dial-A-Hippie (1-800- SHPDUST) and tell all.

Dean, maybe those who know shouldn't get to guess, but I can't resist sharing a little grist for the Great Ratiocinator's mill:

We know that LongTombo owes his very exisitence to an early-made, loudly denied typo when he muffed the spelling his handle hisownself. Could the same dyslexic-fingered error account for some of Spamorama's mystery? Might a letter or two, properly spell-checked, give the clue some are still seeking?

Here goes....

S-P-A-M-O-R-A-M-A can be easily remixed to spell out-

A. R-A-M-S-O-M (P-A) = A. Ramsom, "Pa" Hmmmmmm.......

1. We know Alan Ransom recently failed the "Hooked On Phonics" course, which easily explains how he could mis-spell HIS OWN NAME, substituting an "M" for the "N" that should appear. (Of course, "SpamoraNa" doesn't have the same ring to it now that we've become used to the original version).

2. He know the Haggis' Bastard Son (the poor dear) would never have known of his familial roots were it not for the all-knowing Spamo, who told him of his Fetid Father and then adopted HBS as one of his own. To this day, the bast... er... illegitimate darling calls Spamorama "Pa" out of his great gratitude. A. Ram(n)som, "Pa" Hmmmm.......

3. Thanks to his recent cover shoot for TBM, we now also know that A.R. bears a frightening (literally) resemblance to Ol' Haggis in his younger, saner, more cheerful, less smelly, pre- blue Spam fuzz eating days. Me wonders... could Haggis have fathered..... two???? That would explain a lot!

Dean, based on recent conversations, you, better than anyone else, should recognize my flawless ability for Holmes-like deduction (Oliver Wendell Holmes, not that English one). I'm NOT saying A.R. IS Spamo... not yet, anyway. I just wanted to "guess" with the other kids, and give you another trail head at which to sniff.

Maybe it's someone else. Maybe it IS A.R., but the reason is wildly different. Maybe I'll tell you soon where Spamo has slipped up over time, and just who he really is. Maybe I'll go take a nap....

You're on the trail, Old Fox. Spamorama should hear your sniffing if he stops to listen carefully. He's hidden away like Boo Radley for 'lo these many months, but the truth shall be revealed, just as it was at the denouement of the GSSC.

Here's to the Champ. Here's to Shopdust. Go get 'em, Boy!


REGO, you shoulda been here!!