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Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Sleeping Thunder Date: 29-Jan-98

Isn't illusion a thing that reality creates to define itself? Isn't confusion just the honest expression of true comprehension?

Dean, our very freedom to deftly weild polysyllabic words as tools of myrth making is at stake. I'll be there tommorrow. Better to die valiant than live as a coward. Should Spammie bring his boys, your true friends will make sure this plays out fair...or at least you get to cheat too, or maybe first.

Hawkeye, I know you feel the same. Could we face our families if they knew we'd shirked duty when it counted most? See you there brave companion of the sky.

Dean, even if Spammie is you, I'm still on your side.

Waking Thunder

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Slick Willie Date: 29-Jan-98

Dean, I can understand your situation, as I am also involved right now with a lot of smoke and mirrors. Monica and I wish you all the best in solving this mystery

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Jim Antippas Date: 29-Jan-98

Delusion, illusion

such incredible confusion

why must the old one suffer so?

Give him no clues

and he will be forced to defuse

the fable he started so long ago.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Guano Date: 29-Jan-98

Spamorama, beware. Remember Doe-boy?

Ah yes, poor, mixed up Doe-boy. Why, even his name is an anachronism that might have come straight out of a Federico Fellini film.

While Doe-boy may have been a collateral casualty in the original Great Spam War, be forwarned that I am now equipped with the latest and greatest in state-of-the art smart bombs, and the wherewithall to use same. Do you yield?

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Marc/NAO Date: 29-Jan-98

Had to get my impressions of all this in here, since I too was accused of being a part of all this. Here it is.

It's interesting to me that every time Spamorama posts a thread, that a large percentage of the time Dean posts one right after it. Is Dean sitting there waiting for Spamorama to post a thread and then respond, or is Spamorama posting a thread and then the same person posting the next reply??


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Tom(Longbo) Date: 29-Jan-98

Very interesting observation Marc. Very interesting. A wise man once said and I quote:

"I've learned cynicism on this thread. I see through you clearly, Mr. LongboTom, and your subterfuge appointing yourself the Spam Shoot Committee with one post and then graciously accepting its verdict and nomination in the next.

I like it."

Don't think I'm confused anymore.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Murray Date: 29-Jan-98

CYber ventriloquism? Surely not..

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: VSN Date: 29-Jan-98

Many tracks laid down in scattered directions. Does not the rabbit grow confused tracking and back tracking? Does not the wolf grow dizzy circling and feinting? Does not even the fox grow crosseyed watching the to and fro, the in and out and up and down and top for bottom. Could the weasel's blindness prove his salvation? Will Grasshopper spit tobacco and die?

Can the Real Web Master remain unentangled? Will he prevail?

Voice of a Shade from the Netherworld

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Steve H. Date: 29-Jan-98

I stand before you and wield my Clamore upon any and all who shall try to fore sake my king. LONG LIVE KING DENO!

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Elementary Date: 30-Jan-98

If everything is as upside down and inside out as it really seems to be, then it follows the night as the day that Dean is not Spamorama. Instead, Spamorama has created Dean.

7% Solution

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Jerry "Weasel" Gowins Date: 30-Jan-98

A pox on you, Wolverine!! You say you were sworn to secrecy, but you toss the hole card out for everybody to see? Who are YOU to toss my beloved Spamorama's fate to this vicious pack of wolves? Alas, It appears my machine gun is running out of ammo.

Could it be that you are from the grand state of Michigan? Pretty transparent, Wolverine. I will discover your Identity! God help you.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Shopdust Date: 30-Jan-98

Dear Diary,

A sleepless night tonight. Woke up from nightmare of pannier boxes tumbling down the Bitterroot Valley, spilling me out over and over again. Sit here now my ownloneself over coffee, ratiocinating deep into the night, in the background the strains from the onliest recording Red Sovine ever made singing a mutant version of Frankie Laine's signature song, "Mule Train." Pedal steel riffing that high lonesome sound. Muleteer's whip cracks like ricochets from some undisciplined machine gun. Maybe just some drunken studio musician breaking cat gut, I can't tell. Feel so confused.

No shame in a missed shot if I give it my best effort, correct? Tomorrow, I walk down Main Street, alone. High Noon. Hope not to shoot self in the foot while drawing. That would prove to many that I am Spamorama.

Everything seems so relative and convoluted. Hope I can figure out how Central time relates to Eastern and if, according to Albert Ein'stime it really matters. Squared.

Shit. Hope I can find Main Street.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: SpamIAm Date: 30-Jan-98

The hero sought gumption as the hour drew near.

His friends gathered round in support.

Through the dust and the fog the answer came clear.

And the hero prepared his report.

But the villian, unbowed, still taunted the crowd,

and the shadow of doubt did revive.

Though time'd soon be up,

and from truth's bitter cup,

would come a drink he'd no hope to survive.


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Hawkeye Date: 30-Jan-98

I hear something.

It's faint, but.....

Ah yes, the theme song of "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"..... it won't be long, now.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Spamorama Date: 30-Jan-98

(***throughout this day, keep the theme song from "The Good, Bad, and the Ugly" playing strong between your ears***)

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Spamorama Date: 30-Jan-98

Damnit...sorry, I didn't mean to post twice.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: George D. Stout Date: 30-Jan-98

Dammit....Twice, Spamorama! Now I will hear that stupid music all day in my thoughts! that an Indian flute I hear??????

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Albert Date: 30-Jan-98


Identity of villain depends upon point of view of hero. Which one is which depends upon how fast this Runaway Train (wasn't country either, but I liked it, especially the muted background pizzicatto) hurtles past you when you don't have a Planck to stand on. Is Dean the hero of your doggerel? Spamorama hisownself may be heroic from a thousand different points of light (most of them now discredited S&L's which have metamorphosed into black holes, sucking even Mexican pesos into them). The universe expanding indefintitely? I like it.

I have a theory. I think either the villain or the hero, it doesn't matter which, has boarded a train traveling just fast enough (lessee, how fast would that be...dang background music is distracting...hard to concentrate), I say just fast enough that he/she can maintain his/her current time zone indefinitely (provided he has enough Spam on board and can wait it out). This way the high hour never arrives, and the more cowardly of the two (depends) can save face on a technicality.

Now, which is the more cowardly, Spamorama or Dean? Mebbe my buddy Heisenburg can make a determination. I'll go ask him. Be back later with the formula.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: George D. Stout Date: 30-Jan-98

Albert....Didn't you invent the first McDonalds??? I always thought that, E=MC2 was two Big Macs for $2.00?? At any rate, the formula you are seeking is S=DI2t4P. Or, "Spamorama = Dean's Imagination to the 4th power." Or perhaps it is his little wooden friend "Chia-Petto"??? George

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: TheHermit Date: 30-Jan-98

The hour draws near as good men(?) march to their fate.

Who'll walk away clean, unscathed, from debate?

Will old man from Ohio leave Wall, record intack?

Or fumble and stumble and be forced to come back.

To start game all over in hope of redemtion,

Old men not always wise, but always have gumtion.

Or will it be challenger who falls by the way?

Like young beagle pup, less smarts and more play.

As for me does not matter who is left standing,

Has been the hunt, not the kill, that has been so enchanting.


Thanks guys!

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Wayne Newton Date: 30-Jan-98

Oh say can you seeeee by the Spams early light, What so proooouuuudly Dean hails As the Spam mans giv'n handle?

With his selfbows orange glaaarrre Hurling shafts thru the aaiirr

Dean takes his best shot But is it on the mark?

Oh say is Spam'ramas ID still a secret? And is Dean more confused ? This leaves Spam faaaannnns amused!

Let the game begin!!

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Jim Antippas Date: 30-Jan-98

If Dean begot Spamorama

by the deft stroke of a key

then why the dilemma

why the anxiety?

The solution is simple

the result is sublime

Ol Deano must have injested

too much of the Spamslime.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Spotted Owl Date: 30-Jan-98


I set my hootie alarm to wake me up for this.

Though I know, and have known all along, whooooo be dat Spam-O-rama, it will be interesting indeed to see if he plays his trump card.

Hint: The eyes have it!


Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Drummer-boy Date: 30-Jan-98




Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Father time Date: 30-Jan-98

So spamorama is on central or mountain time?

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Buz Date: 30-Jan-98

Refresh...shoot ten,..refresh...shoot ten,...refresh...shootn some more....refresh.....

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: ? Date: 30-Jan-98






Tom(Longbo). not a contender. He's not even sure who he be hisownself.






Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Tom (BR) Date: 30-Jan-98

Is this event going to be televised? I've been switching channels but haven't seen any mention of it. But then (as Dan Quayle pointed out) Castro is at the Vatican, Arrafat is in Northern Ireland, and John Glenn is going to pilot the next Mir mission. The media keeps missing all of the good important stuff and fixates on Bill Clintons sex life and Hillary's lack thereof.

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: Grasshopper Date: 30-Jan-98

For whom the bell tolls, sweet scent of victory from darkness rise,

purified though not yet redeemed, swirling minds distraught and abstract,

for two souls shall meet at the stroke of twelve, clothed in ambiguity's comfort,

the hour has come for the great awakening.

(Theme music)...(The crack of the Bullwhip)...(jangling spurs)

Subject: RE: Spamorama Revealed From: JimNv Date: 30-Jan-98

you know I have found amusin'

this puzzle though confusin'

about who is torges' arch-hero

and I also find perplexin'

my name accused of vexin'

though I'm charmed I must sayso

But don't you y'all be thinkin'

that I'm the villain stinkin'

up deans vehicle for goin' on the lam

just y'all be knowins

it could be Master Gowins

that is the jelly on the spam