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2001: A GORH Oddity


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Signup List for GORH-2001


1)Dean Torges, OH (veteran)
2)John Kelly, NM (veteran)
3)Tom Mussatto, IL (veteran)
4)Matt Phillips, OH (veteran)
5)Eric Phillips, OH (fresh meat)
6)Tony Phillips, OH (veteran)
7)Bill Rickvalsky, N.J.(veteran)
8)Pete Darby, VA (veteran)
9)Ed Sneyers, OH (fresh meat)
10)Jeff Strubberg, MO (veteran)
11)Kent Garvin, W.V. (veteran)
12)Keith Deters, NY (veteran)
13)Bud Hall, IN (veteran)
14)Jeff Kerns, OH (fresh meat)
15)Buz Ackerman, AL (veteran)
16)Jeff Peyton, OH (fresh meat)
17)Bob Morrison, OH (veteran)
18)Jose De Moya, KY (veteran)
19)Bruce Snyder, TX (veteran)
20)Brian Patterson, OH (fresh meat)
21)Steve Reid, IN (fresh meat)
22)Don Adams, OH (fresh meat)
23)Ron Thompson, OH (veteran)
24)Wim Rolff, Netherlands (fresh meat)
25)Gerry Volgers, Netherlands (veteran)
26)Dave Long, MO (veteran)
27)Will Steffen, MO (veteran)
28)Dan Frein, MI (fresh meat)
29)George Stout, PA (veteran)
30)Jim Corvais, VA (fresh meat)
31)Brian Cole, MI (fresh meat)
32)David Schneider, OH (veteran)
33)Kim Mason, PA (fresh meat)
34)Rich Sanders, IN (veteran)
35)Rob Flinn, IN (veteran)
36)Lenny Pierce, MS (fresh meat)
37)Jamie Miller, OH (veteran)
38)Allen Berg, OH (fresh meat)
39)Bob Fleming, IN (veteran)
40)Ben Fleming, IN (veteran)
41)Mark Franklin, TX (fresh meat)
42)Steve Whittington, TX (fresh meat)
43)Brooks Bolyard, OH (veteran)
44)Chuck Dunning, WA (veteran)
45)Bryan Elderkin, NY (fresh meat)
46)Michael F.Horstman, TX (fresh meat)
47)Art Vincent, ? (fresh meat)
48)Dave Hicks, VA (fresh meat)
49)Phil Tucker, NJ (fresh meat)
50) Steve Spence, OH (fresh meat)
51) Scott Richardson, OH (fresh meat)
52) Mickey Lotz, OH (fresh meat)
53) Randy Lotz, OH (fresh meat)
54) Ted Young, OH (retired old fart)
55) Jeffery Varney, OH (fresh meat)
56) John Gesner, OH (fresh meat)
57) Joe Doyle, IN (fresh meat)
58) Paul Knisley, OH (veteran)
59) Ed Jarvis, OH (veteran)
60) Jeff Fletcher, OH (fresh meat)
61) Greg Scott, OH (fresh meat)
62) Lew McClain, OH (fresh meat)
63) Kenny Pierce, MS (fresh meat)
64) Artie Stewart, MS (fresh meat)
65) Randy Cooley, OH (fresh meat)
66) Barry Fitzgerald, NY (fresh meat)
67) Tony Waterman, ? (fresh meat)
68) Guy Waterman, ? (fresh meat)
69) Nito Mortera, OH (fresh meat)
70) Dan Clark, OH (fresh meat)


5)TomBoy (if needed)
6)Dave's real biggle, Blondie
7)Dave's sort of biggle #1, Fletcher (not a real beagle, hasn't got a freckle on him anywhere. Rosey was suffering from withdrawal pains after Bubba headed home to IL and can not be held accountable for her actions)
8)Dave's sort of biggle #2, Shadow
9)"Dear Mr. Mussatto, please include my dog "Waskull" to the list, his breeding is as good as Haggis', you'll like him, he is a quality SLOW dog, am including a picture as you have requested. Thanks, Hawkshaw"
10)Dave Schneider's promised to bring a pack of 3 beagles that supposedly represent what this breed is supposed to do. We'll see. Timerlake Bow (veteran-which I assume means old), In Pursiut Ike (rookie), and In Pursuit Nellie (rookie).
11)Socks wants to come this time. Litter mate to Haggis so the veterans will know what to expect. Spudley's going to have his hands full with this one.
12) Young male beagle will be tagging along behind Lew McClain